Payment, Cancellation and Refunds



Maxlist Pty Ltd A.C.N.604 326 730 trading as (we, us, our or Maxlist™) makes every effort to be fully transparent at all times. Accordingly, we have developed these Payment, Cancellation & Refund Terms (these Terms) to ensure that you, the registered user (Registered User) are fully aware of your rights with respect to payments, cancellations and refunds made in exchange for Maxlistregistration services (Registration Services) via our website (our Website).


All prices quoted on our Website are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST. 

We reserve the right to vary the prices displayed on our Website from time to time and without notice to you.


As a Registered User, then you agree to the following:

• No registration fee.


• Standard single property

listing- $29, including GST until sold or withdrawn

• Multi-property, project, subdivision-

$60 including GST until sold or withdrawn. 

*Notification is required if the listing is to remain on the system

after 6 months.

Maxlist has the right that in the

event there is no activity, amendment or change

in any of the listings for a

period of 180 days it has the right to remove the listing

from the site as inactive and no

refund can be applied. An application can be made

to re-activate the



o Upgrade to Silver

featured listing

• $60 per month, including GST until sold or withdrawn

Small banner ad on home page exposure on random rotation, and featured priority listing in the area.


Upgrade to Platinum featured


• $100 per month, including GST until sold or withdrawn

Large banner ad on home page exposure on random rotation, and featured priority listing in the area.

 *If a listing is not renewed as an upgrade it will revert to a standard listing

o Business Advertising- Services and Trade


• A once off fee of $100, including GST per annum


Advertising Banner

On request

Any other published listing fee that you may agree upon from time to time.

Payment methods

Payment to Maxlist

Fees made via credit card only. Securepay and Paypal

All ongoing payments made to Maxlist for Registration Services must be made via monthly automatic direct debits from a credit card nominated by the Seller, or other payment options.

Maxlist will process the first payment for Registration Services on the date on which the Seller registers for the Registration Services (the Commencement Date). Subsequent monthly payments will be made on each monthly anniversary date of the Commencement Date. If your payment is due to be processed on a non-business day, which includes public holidays in Victoria, we will process the payment on the next business day.

Payments to a Registered User

Payments made by a person to a Registered User must be made in accordance with any payment method reasonably stated by the Registered User. Maxlist only provides the Website as a platform to facilitate introductions between Registered Users and those wishing to purchase or lease a property or business (Client). Consequently, Maxlist:

takes no part in commercial transactions between Registered Users and Clients; and

accepts no responsibility for any outcomes that arise as a consequence of a Registered User and a client transacting.


In the event that you wish to cancel your registration, you may do so by providing us with  written notice. However, you will not be entitled to a refund (or part thereof) unless you have an entitlement under these Terms.


If you are concerned about your entitlement to a refund relating to Registration Services, we recommend that you read on to learn about your rights and our obligations to you.

Entitlement to a refund

You will only be entitled to a refund for Registration Services where you have an entitlement under any relevant law. 

In the event that you believe that you are entitled to a refund for Registration Services, you must provide us with:

• your full name and any other details that we may require from you to confirm your Maxlist registration; and
• the reason for claiming the refund.

Issue of refunds 

If you are entitled to a refund relating to your Registration Services, the refund will be issued via the same payment method used by you. Please email us if you have not received your refund within 72 hours of us notifying you that a refund has been issued.


Third party terms 

Different Registered Users may impose different terms and conditions relating to their requirement for you to provide the services to them. Therefore, if you have any concerns about the policies or terms and conditions of any Registered User, we recommend that you contact the relevant Registered User to discuss.

If you wish to discuss various policies or terms and conditions relating to payments with a Registered User, then you must contact them directly.

Governing law

The laws of Victoria, Australia govern these Payment, Cancellations & Refund Terms.


Please email if you have any questions regarding our Payment, Cancellation & Refund Terms.

Payment, Cancellations & Refund Terms last updated on 1st June 2018.